Taking a step back

In order to avoid complete disastrous days, of sitting on the couch and watching Netflix, I have been meeting up with a couple of friends a few times a week and just getting out in nature in the late mornings. there are really beautiful trails out here so its easy to love being out in nature. We walk and average of 4 miles and it feels so good to conquer some of those hills.

I have really enjoyed being out in nature and being just taking the time to take care of my body. I guess that’s really something I have been working on is taking a huge step back and analyzing how well I take care of my body. While I spent those two years in culinary school, I don’t think I really made an effort to try and eat healthy or get out and exercise at all. For one thing I was not a huge fan of desserts before all that but because we had to try everything, I found myself consuming more dessert than I had before in my entire life.  HOLY COW, That’s so bad. I am only saying its bad because I went to the doctor for a blood test and ask them to run a special test to see if I was healthy and well…..the results were not too good. They basically said I was on the verge of being diabetic or something like that and if I didn’t work on exercising and eating right, it would escalate. I did not want anything more to escalate, so I was careful…..for a while.


Lets just say that it took me a long time to be motivated enough to really get started on wanting to be healthy. I don’t even know when I snapped and said enough. I cant handle these rolls (as lovely as they are) on my belly anymore, or even the fact that I felt so lacking in energy during the day. Ben and I

tried running and well that lasted a little while until one of us said we were too tired and then that stopped for a couple months. Finally I was talking to Ben about what to do and we decided together that we would both watched what we ate and also get out morning and evening in order to just walk. Making those little changes have helped me so much. I feel so good for the first time in a long time. I am learning to love my relationship with healthy foods and also working on my love hate relationship with exercise.

I hope to keep going on this path that I have been on. And the BEST part is, I have a husband who is willing to try and do new things that help me and help us be better. Its so nice to have someone who you can be accountable to and so having a group of friends has also been a huge motivating factor for me also. Sometimes all it takes is taking a step back and asking if you are happy with where you are. Right now, I do feel happy about where I am headed.



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