Something is about to change

Change is a big thing to go through in life and the idea of change can be very scary. Sometimes nothing is more scary than the unknown that comes with change, but it can be applied to accomplish such great things.  I personally love the idea of change because its almost a chance to start over and be something or someone better.

One aspect of change I have been wanting to embrace is to improve my lifestyle. Not just what I eat on a day to day basis but also how I spend my time throughout the day and also the amount of exercise I invite into my life. I am sure that most people have these kinds of goals in their lives and so have I many times but this time I really mean it.

Ben has been doing step challenges for work these past few weeks so he can enter into these prize drawings. We have been waking up every morning to walk and evenings after dinner to get the steps in and its been fun. We have really enjoyed that change in our lives. we feel better and it gives us extra time to spend with each other while enjoying nature. While talking to my sister in law Christina about these goals, she suggested that we watch this movie called “Hungry for change” on Netflix and then to watch “Fat sick and Nearly dead” We saw he first one and it was sooo motivating. When Ben and I finished we said to one another; “Well, I’m sold”. It was so wonderful.

Our Wall

I know that for me one thing I struggle with is portion sizes. I don’t know why but for some reason, when I am eating I just feel invincible and just intake way more food than necessary and then feel bad about it right after. Its so bad. I literally eat more then Ben sometimes and I don’t even know how its possible. So that’s for sure one thing to change. The other things we talked about were Drinking ore water, Adding more vegetables (especially the green ones) into our daily diet and eating as much whole foods as possible. So we shall see how this goes as we approach these new goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Back to this movie “Hungry for change”. There are so many takeaways that we got from the movie. It really got us talking about some areas of our health we could change in order to be more healthy. Some of the main things it talks about are inputting gentle foods into your diet and learning how to eat in order to cleanse your body. The movie’s main message that really impressed me was its message about loving yourself. that ultimately changing and being healthy is about loving yourself and your body enough to say that you want to want to protect it. One of the lines it says to repeat in the mirror is “I accept myself unconditionally”. I needed that earlier when I had looked at myself in the mirror and thought slightly ” You know what I could be better” that’s as far as the thought went because I know that making yourself feel bad in front of the mirror does nothing but tear you down and that’s the last thing I want to do to myself.

I have so many things I want to change about my life, but I know somethings I am going to have because its a part of my life. I have to learn to embrace them. I love these new goals we have and so excited to embrace this new lifestyle change we are going to together. I am going to quote Ben because its just too goo not to quote. When talking about wanting to change last night he said, “Fear is the biggest deterrent to change”. I agree with that 100%. I don’t want to be afraid of failing anymore. I want to embrace it and love every minute of being more healthy.

walk around our Lake



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