Time heals broken hearts

Jackson is my younger brother who was taller, stronger and better than me in so many ways. I remember growing up and how he’d get in trouble with something but I somehow got the blame for it. As we’d talked about them, it was kind of fun as we looked back and laugh at all the dumb things I’d get in trouble for. Jackson loved children/children love him. I felt like there was not a kid that he could not make smile or laugh, and they were naturally drawn to him.

There’s a reason why people were drawn to him, he was super fun to be with because he was not afraid to take risks or seek new adventures. He loved to laugh and he had a very contagious laugh, he was very kind to those he met, and he made you feel like you could do anything when you were with him. he had a Magnetic personality. I love that kid so much. I know he loved me back… even though he felt embarrassed to say it out loud. haha I remember Maika (my cute niece) and I would tell him that we loved him and every time without fail he would either hang the phone up before replying back, or say something in Creole, or Spanish that did not resemble “I love you” in English. He was such a tease.

Some of the biggest things he would tease me about were my hair and my clothes. when I knew he was coming over, if I felt up to it, I would try to change and look presentable because I knew he would always have an opinion about how my clothes make me look like I was 60 years old or something or that my hair was messy ( its messy 91% of the time). Some of the times I knew he was right about the clothes thing but hey, sometimes you don’t have a choice when shopping at second hand stores (something Jackson did not like doing haha)me and jackySome of our favorite loves we shared and loved doing together; love of food. We would love cooking together, and making up fun twists to spice up the foods. Keep in mind, some experiments turned out better then others. we would always dream about starting up a little cafe together. (Did I mention he was an entrepreneur). We loved going out to eat at the most unique restaurants. Funny story: When we went out to eat, if they asked what name to put the food under he would always gave them some ridiculous name like JJ, Lil Romeo, jack-jack or Jax and I would feel so embarrassed to stand next to him when he did that, and not because the names were weird but because he would do it in the most (trying to be cool) UN-cool tone of voice. Oh my goodness what a character. We loved fixing up his hair, I still cant believe he would trust me to cut/ straiten his hair sometimes though because he cared a lot about it. I loved doing his hair because it gave us more time to catch up and laugh together one on one.

Time and Jesus Christ help heal broken hearts and broken people. Its not been easy but I feel stronger everyday that I miss him. Even though he is gone for now, I know all will be well in the end.  It feels like he is just busy working hard or something and will be back soon to visit, I miss my Jacky ( he was not a fan of that nickname) but I know that I would rather have him be happy where he is right now. He will be missed by so many but he wont be forgotten.


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