It’s been 5 long years

Some people were born in the light and happen to be great at testing and others are not so good at testing. By that I am talking about myself completely I am so bad at testing that I sometimes feel like I could be diagnosed with testing anxiety.

I was one of those kids who did not score very well on the ACT, which meant that I couldn’t attend the school that most of my peers were going to. The pressure was off on me applying to hose schools, which were kind of relieving, but it still meant I had to pick a school. Around that age, I feel like I was a little rebellious and wanted to do the opposite of everything my parents encouraged me to do (bless their hearts) so I picked Weber State University because I wanted to be out on my own and it felt like the place I needed to be at the time. I wanted to be far away from family so that I could feel like a grown up and could feel like I could make my own decisions. I made a lot of my own decisions and I felt so grown up.

IMG_3401 (1)


After a year of going there I made the choice to STOP School and work…”what was going through her mind” Is what a lot of people thought. School was a little too much for me for some reason and I had to take a break. I ended up taking only institute classes that fall ad it was so great. The main thing that made me want to put my classes on hold was because I got a chance to go to Spain, Italy and France with my nieces and sister in law. It was the best. I do not have any regrets for doing that at all. After I came back, I was planning on serving a mission because of the age change so I was super excited about that, which meant I was going to take another break for a year and a half. After I came back from the mission, I had been out of school longer than I had actually been in school.

Now it was time to really get serious and choose a major that I wanted to pursue. I chose Culinary Arts. It was one of those programs that sounds like rainbows and puppies when someone says they are going to culinary school but in reality it was a crazy hard major. When I would meet people they would tell me ”you are so lucky you get to cook all day” in reality we are stressed and crying most of the day because of the intensity of it all. I really wanted to quit and move on to a new major after a couple of semesters because I didn’t think I could do it. After a lot of praying and writing out pros and cons lists, I made the ultimate decision to stick with it, and oh man I glad. It was such a great experience and looking back the hard days were so good and I loved the things I got to learn from the wonderful chefs and the wonderful friends I made in class. After 5 years, I feel like I can happily say that its good to be done with school. It feels so great to have studied hard and learned so much. I am not saying I am done with learning but for now I am for sure done with university classes. Is this real? I really hope I am not dreaming.

Grad Friends


Love always,


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