Some form of journalism

I feel that if I had to pick something I truly struggled with, it would be Journalism of any form. I start one notebook and the first week might be great but then everything goes downhill from there. I love getting my thoughts about there and to go back and see the things i might have been going through but I just have a hard time with the consistency.

When packing my things before moving out to Maryland, I found 8 journals from growing up which I wrote an average of 5 entries in each and then left them desolate. Desolate is a good word for that because not only did I leave the pages blank but I never went back and just moved on to another notebook.  I hope it does not reflect the way I live my life in any way because I do like to finish things and to feel like I accomplished something. Before I left my my mission I realized that this was something I struggled with. I wanted to figure out a way to record my thoughts and experiences without having to write it because it obviously wasn’t working out for me so I came up with video blogging. haha that was a thing that I did. Its so funny going back and watching them. I feel so embarrassed at the things I said and how I acted differently on camera; but on the other hand I think, wow this is really fun and I really did put an effort into figuring out ways to record my life. I don’t know if i would ever do vloging again but it was really fun while it lasted and i will hopefully have those videos for a long time.

I guess what I really want to say is, it doesn’t matter how you choose to record your life history, as long as its being recorded, there’s a reason why its so stressed while growing up. Journalism is a why that allows other from our future to see a little of our past. were it not for the journals of our ancestors, we would not know half the things we know about them. if it was not for the journals of the Men in the scriptures we would not have the accounts of so many great prophets who recorded in the Book of Mormon. I am thankful for journalism and the connection it can bring into our lives. Its something i am working on improving in my life


Love always,


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