“The devil wears Prada” in real life

Before moving out to Maryland I had to have an internship lined up in order to graduate this coming spring. I was gratefully told by my councilors that I could have permission to start my internship two weeks later than the start date. As soon as we moved out here we found and apartment, bought a bed and went job searching the very next day. I had emailed a few places and none of them were taking internships so I was starting to worry I wouldn’t find something in time.

It was a rainy Friday morning and I walked into this bagel shop called Royal bagel bakery wanting to talk to the boss or manager and boy did I talk to her. Her name is Mia Chung and she is a very intense, feisty, Chinese woman. The first thing she said to me was “were very busy so talk while I work because I don’t have time for you today. So I proceeded with caution to introduce myself and explain my situation. The whole time we were talking I couldn’t help but pray that she would not like me and say that she want going to take interns at the moment. To my surprise she said” come I early tomorrow morning to see how you like it and we will go from there”

As I got into the car, I just didn’t know how to feel. was I excited to start this job? was I nervous, was i secretly hoping she would fire me the first day on the job? YESall of the above. I was very afraid of this woman which is something new for me because I am not afraid of many people. Ben was so kind and encouraged me to not go forward if I didn’t feel good about it or to try it and see how I liked it and supported me in whatever decision I was going to make starting forward.

I started my first day and she was telling how excited she was and wanted to expand her business and saying how she wanted me to be a mini version of her, saying she was going to let me work with the cooks in the back, bake pastries, make menu decisions and pretty much promising all of these dreams to a child just to disappoint them immediately after. I have worked the front of the house, learned how to write tickets, learned how to multitask while taking peoples orders, dealt with rude people who do not like their food messed up, learned how to make breakfast sandwiches in the back, and a few lunch sandwiches, got yelled at countless times by the boss for anything she feels, been called stupid and a few other words I should not repeat by the boss learned to empty a bleach bucket, fill bagel baskets and take down donuts. Not the things i was expecting to be learning about or doing during a culinary internship after spending two years learning how to make art.

I realized, I would take those skills and memories and remember them in a negative light or I could choose to look at this experience in a positive way.

So on a more positive note, these are the things i have learned while working at Royal bagel bakery. I have learned how to interact more with people who may not share the same beliefs as me. this has given me an opportunity to bring up the Gospel and my beliefs everyday that i have worked there. I have learned how to stand up for the things I value in life no matter how much other disagree with me. I have learned how to turn an almost negative situation into a positive one just by giving someone a Smile...(No matter how rude they might have been). I have learned how to laugh about the craziest things. I have learned how to own up to my mistakes, I have learned how to work with  and encouraged people who may not put the same effort into the work as I do.

All and all you could say I have learned more than I thought I would from this Internship Experience. I have learned that You can turn any miserable situation into a good one just by changing your attitude towards it. The Lord is amazing and is always there to help us repent and soften our hearts so we can see the bigger picture.


As always,



2 thoughts on ““The devil wears Prada” in real life

  1. I love your blog!!! This way, even though we are far apart from one another, we can still get bits and pieces of your life as it happens. Now your job is to keep up the writing!!
    Please shoot me an email with your mailing address and email addresses, noticed I said Plural, because we want Ben’s email too!!


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