Practically across the Universe

After we got back from our lovely honeymoon, we had to prepare for the move. I got strep throat(something I’ve never had before) ad a fever but that didn’t stop us! We packed up with all our belongings and we prepared for our move to Germantown Maryland. Right when we left the U-haul office, the adventure started. I was following Ben in my car and so I was the last one to leave the parking lot. or attempt to leave….my car started acting way weird and would not go more than about 20 miles per hour on the interstate. I don’t really know why that happened but it did so we decided to take Ben’s Pontiac Vibe. Did I mention I didn’t know how to drive stick? yeah This is when the panic settled. I wasn’t freaking out about living in a new place, I was just freaking out about having to drive a manual car. I kept all the thoughts to myself and we journeyed on after saying very quick goodbyes to our families.


I think Ben and I did pretty well considering it was our first road trip together. There were times when we got a little tired and short with each other but for the most part it was very pleasant and lonnnnng.I even got to drive the Uhaul which was something very new for me but we survived the trip.


The night we arrived in Maryland we immediately went to view a condo and met our trusty realtor named Edward Towey.(Super kind man)The bishop and his family offered to let us stay at their house until we could find one of our own we took him up on that kind offer. The next day we spend looking at more condos the Edward had lined up for us and after all of them we decided to go with the very first one we saw coming here. We knew we wanted to make sure we were going to be in Bishops ward after all that he did for us! The condo ended up being a wonderful choice and it allows both of us to get to work very quick and i can walk home easily from work! We just love our first home together 🙂




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